Want to Hire Faster (and Better)? Prioritize Flexibility.

Tired of high turnover with remote employees?

It may be time to reevaluate your onboarding process. With several companies embracing the hybrid work environment, many professionals plan to head back to the office a few days a week over the next year.  As many companies introduce an influx of options for employees to help improve hiring, this new normal opens up the job market to a more extensive and diverse talent pool.


Companies are faced with the challenge of making the hiring and onboarding seamless for new hires in the new hybrid world — including having them immersed in the company’s culture, understand the structures of each team, build relationships with colleagues, and laying down the foundation for their responsibilities.


This is where a flawless onboarding experience comes into play. Understanding and adapting to each individual’s unique needs is critical to ensure a great first impression that will lead to long-lasting success.


Get to know them before building your onboarding plan‍.

Aside from gathering personal information for all the administrative paperwork for employee’s contract and payroll, determine what is important for them outside of work and how you can help. Do they coach their kids’ sports teams?


Do they help take care of a parent? In addition to helping you plan, asking the new hire what their preferences are right away promotes that your company values work-life balance a a top priority. ‍Zoom in on your processes ‍Evaluate your current onboarding process and make adjustments for it to be more streamlined and digital-friendly.


To better set new hybrid hires up for success, consider making a list that explains expectations, deadlines, policies, and provides complete access to company resources. This is also the time to work with your I.T department to make sure new hires get access to all the equipment (laptops, monitors, etc.) they need BEFORE their start date. You would be surprised how often we see new hires unable to be fully productive for days after starting because of shipping delays. 


Also, set aside some time to streamline the access process to software tools, virtual files and apps, while keeping in mind to support new hires with training. ‍


Plan for Team Bonding

One of the biggest challenges of the hybrid or remote working style is missing out those first encounters and introductions that help new hires bond with their teams. Gone are the days of sharing a coffee or having lunch on the first day.


Could you make sure to set a time for virtual 1:1 or informal conversations?

The last thing you want is to quickly introduce a new member right before a work meeting.‍Embrace Technology & DataWith onboarding, think mobile first! Allow your new hires to review documents from their smartphone, and give them early access to your company intranet. Trust us; they will consume every bit of content they can find. Track the velocity of your onboarding process to gain insight. Analyze how long it take for your new hires to complete their paperwork. Send onboarding surveys to understand better where your process could be tweaked.


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Want to Hire Faster (and Better)? Prioritize Flexibility.

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