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As a technology-driven agency, we adapt to your preferences. Our goal is to make your recruitment processes run smoothly and to achieve it, we use the tools you’re most comfortable with. We also have the expertise to make recommendations for new technology that can take your employer brand even further.


Specialized training

Get your talent acquisition team up to speed with the latest tools and best practices to implement a winning recruitment strategy for your company. We have provided multiple trainings on sourcing methodology, LinkedIn recruiting, and much more.


High volume recruiting strategy

Finding the right person for a role is difficult at the best of times. When you have a broad candidate pool, you can narrow it down to pull the best handful of candidates, interview them, and pick the one most suited to the role.

What happens, though, when you have hundreds or thousands of positions to fill? This is where adelsen helps you set efficient processes and proven strategies for high volume campaigns.

Creative & Digital
Talent Acquisition


Creative Services

We embrace design thinking in a broader sense to create messaging architectures that allow an audience to experience your employer brand in an authentic way.


Employer Brand Index

The EBI is a bottom-up view of what your past, present, and future employees are saying about your company. It uses data from 100+ user-generated sources to measure your employer brand. Our approach enables internal stakeholders to analyze the effectiveness of their work and to track changes in sentiment over time so you know how to improve

Prepare for the workforce of tomorrow.

The world of work is changing and with it, the talents of tomorrow will reshape the talent acquisition practice. How will you connect and attract the workers you need to stay competitive?

How do you attract the best workers from this new generation? How do you offer a valuable candidate experience to keep them engage? How do you prepare your talent acquisition specialists to understand and interview for the jobs of tomorrow?