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Invest in our expertise, we don’t just connect you with a resume. We think like marketers, so we know how to attract the right people from the start. We base our approach on your unique realities and build meaningful relationships. We back our service with the best guarantee on the market.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The requirement for additional resources to support a specific component of the recruitment process is a challenge for in-house resourcing teams, particularly during peaks in recruitment activity. We help clients overcome these challenges by providing a flexible resource when things are tight, helping to offset risks and maintain a consistent candidate experience



Our sourcing expertise emphasizes the passive talent pool, not job postings and maintenance of an active candidate database. Our services include name generation, screening & introduction. Collaborate with our team as if we were internal recruiters and save thousands on commission fees.

our guarantees

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In today’s job market, employees change their jobs more frequently than in previous generations. This means you’ll always be hiring. But how will you prepare for turnover and succession planning? One of the best ways we do this is through our guarantee program.


30 calendar-day free replacement or 100% refund

If the employee is terminated or resigns within the first thirty (30) calendar days of employment, we will offer a full refund or replace the same position at no additional charge.


90 calendar-day free replacement or 100% credit

If the employee is terminated or resigns between the thirty-first (31) and ninetieth (90) calendar days of employment, you will receive a free replacement or a 100% credit towards any future placement.


5 years replacement guarantee

If the employee is terminated, resigns or promoted between the ninety-first (91) day and within 5 years of employment, we will replace the same position at a fee equivalent to 50% of the original fee percentage.

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adelsen works with companies who believe in the value of their people. We base our matching on a deep understanding of every candidate and company. It’s important to us that they can grow together.

At adelsen, recruiting means much more than simply filling roles. We truly care about our clients, and strive to assist them in building winning teams that will give them a competitive edge in the market. We power the potential of your company.